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risk. brooke? >> do we know yet if barack obama has picked up the phone and reached out to the prime minister yet of norway? >> we do not know at this point. in fact, i did inquire of a senior administration official if, in fact, he plans additional briefings on this information that we're still gathering. hope to have more on that later. >> dan, always appreciate it. thank you. >> okay. still ahead, this was a scene on a new york highway this morning. really the aftermath of this horrific fire after a tractor-trailer slammed into a bus filled with tourists. some amazing stories of heroism here. that is coming up. st. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system.
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a horrible scene west of syracuse. a tractor trailer rear ended a tour bus right around 1:30 this morning. both vehicling immediately caught fire. police tell us the bus driver just pulled back on to the freeway to take care of an emissions problem when it happened. 30 passengers were injured. two of them are still listed in critical condition. and police say the bus driver will be charged with a misdemeanor for driving with a suspended license. but you can just imagine the sense of panic early this morning. people scrambling to get off that bus. 52 passengers were onboard. they were tourists from canada headed to new york city. one woman onboard the bus told a canadian newspaper, their parents ran on the bus barefoot and just hads to keep running because their bus just kept blowing up. drivers who drove past the
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accident did stop to help. take a listen. >> upon impact, there was an explosion. and as i said, all the passengers, the bus driver were able to get off the bus safely. there was a couple of witnesses who rendered help. one notable witness is a sergeant for fort drum. his name is jacob perkins. as i said, h he's a sergeant, he's an e-5. he's in the 189th cavalry stationed at fort drum. and he was able to get a few of the passengers off that bus safely. >> well, how about this part of the story, speaking of heroism, a soldier from nearby fort drum stopped and pulled people from that burning bus. coming up at the top of the hour, a missouri woman, a mother of triplets just disappears. police think her husband may know a little bit more than he's offering up. he says they're on a witch hunt. we're going to take you inside this mystery. cnn news room rolls on.
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3:57 pm
pictures. more are going to be coming in fairly soon. so reminiscent of what happened in manhattan on 9/1 1. you see these people running from these buildings from downtown oslo in shock and the building destroyed . i was there after what happened in oklahoma city in 1995. t timothy mcveigh. i would urge everyone to be cautious right now. we don't know who's responsible for this. one individual, more than one individual. we don't know if there's a political background. we don't know who did this. let the low law enforcement authorities in norway get the job done because i remember after the oklahoma city bombing, and you probably remember as well, brooke, we all jumped to certain conclusions. it was more home grown terror in oklahoma city than it was foreign terror, al qaeda related. then again after 9/11, we know who's responsible for 9/11. so let's see what the authorities come up with and
3:58 pm
then we'll be able to draw the conclusions. oslo is a great city. have you ever been there? >> i haven't. the closest i've been to that sort of neck of the woods is denmark. but i've not been to oslo. >> well, it's like copenhagen to a certain degree. very picturesque, a lot of history. the people are wonderful. very quiet. you never hear about it unless god forbid something like this happens. it's a real sad story. my heart to goes out to all of those people. especially in that youth camp. do we have a number coming in? how many people were killed? >> we haven't heard any fatalities from the youth camp. now i'm hearing we've justice confirmed as you're asking nine to ten fatalities. eric, that's at the youth camp alone? that's at the uwe campyouth cam alone. that's also added to the seven reported fatalities from the oslo bombing. so that's a number, also
3:59 pm
speaking with a reporter on it, she's saying according to her sources it's likely the number will rise. you also have to keep in mind, and thank goodness this was a national holiday, so not as many people were at work in the 4:00 afternoon hour. but the fear, of course, is that people are still stuck in some of these buildings in oslo, that number will rise. >> so it's whorrific. i was speaking to someone who said look, brooke, i had never feared terrorism until today. wolf blitzer, i'm sure you'll be all over this story as we will be for the next hour. thank you so much. and now, just about the top of the hour, take a look at this. the temperatures are rising and in some places they're breaking records. some states are bracing for possible blockouts. right now we've sent reporters
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to some of the possible spots. forget august 2. the deadline to reach a deal is already here according to some states. and as lawmakers play with fire -- >> what planet is he on? >> many americans could suffer big time. >> our little girl has touched so many lives. not many people can say in in this world. >> a mother of triplets dus appears and new clues are leading police to look at her husband, the one she's trying to divorce. >> i want her to come home alive. >> what he said happened and what he's asking police to do. plus a place where humans live in cages and dangerous animals run wild. amber lyon goes deep into the rain forest to investigate the sale of exotic animals. 50 i'm getting out of here. >> and yep, you know, someone is always watching. you'll see what happens after these liquor bandits get creative. welcome back.
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top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. as we mentioned with wolf just moments ago, we're now getting new information on our breaking story, today's tor terror attacks in norway. police are now saying these two attacks are definitely linked. first, you have a massive bombing hitting the very heart, the city center of oslo, the capital city of norway. people running scared. inside one of the building was the prime minister's office. we were told he was not there at the time the bomb went off. but as this very second, at least seven people are reported dead from that bombing. many still trapped and many more in what oslo's mayor is calling a terrible day for norway. and then hours dresses up as a policeman, walks into a youth camp attended by 700 people and open fired. we are just now getting a
4:02 pm
preliminary death toll in that attack. at least nine people are dead according to police. phillies also say that the same person detained in that youth camp attack was seen right around a government building at the time of the oslo blast. this is described as a tall man with blond hair and a in orderic appearance. he is still being questioned, so we expect much more information out of that inquiry. but i spoke to one of our correspondents working this one, digging on this breaking story out of oslo, and she told me that the government is afraid there may be more attacks over this weekend. >> they're all so concerned, not only about those stuck in the building, but they're concerned there might even be further blasts. they're attempting to keep that downtown area clear. all they can do is issue warnings and hope people will stay away from the center of town, not only for this weekend,
4:03 pm
but throughout the weekend. they said that the safest place for people tonight is in their homes. >> do you even know yet if this explosion or explosions was detonated from within a building? or we're hearing that possibly it was a car bomb in the street. >> of eyewitnesses said they saw an incredibly mangled car, which would fit with how a car would look if it was used to detonate that kind of explosion. those who say they saw it said it couldn't possibly happen from the blast. but they say it was such a big explosion, brooke, that most people's recollection is pretty shaken. police say they're trying to get bomb experts down there on the scene as quickly as possible to deal with that forensic evidence because the m.o. they believe will help point to what kind of organization could have triggered this attack. but at the moment, we've heard many conflicting reports. some eyewitnesses say that they believe that bomb could have actually been inside the lobby of the building where the prime minister's office was.
4:04 pm
but all still incredibly unclear at the moment, brooke. >> still no one coming forward, claiming responsibility for this? >> not at the moment. we've seen a lot of chatter on a lot of the forums, so you can appreciate, they see this as reason to celebrate. many are saying that this is in revenge for the bin laden killing, but nobody actually definitively claiming responsibility. >> thank you so much. i want to go to the phone. ian dutton is a pilot for u.s. airlines. he was in a hotel close to the blast site. i understand you were in a hotel just about a quarter of a mile from the explosions and at the time you described feeling like your bed was struck by lightning. can you explain that? >> well, yeah. it's actually more powerful, the pressure wave going through your chest. we had flown overnight from new york to oslo.
4:05 pm
obviously the first thing you want to do is have a little rest. i was just waking up to go make an afternoon of it. and the concussion struck the hotel, shook it very vie vently. -- violently. it seemed like a combination of an earthquake and a lightning bolt, or a thunder blast. and so i got up immediately and went to the window. and saw this cloud of smoke and debris merging from the blah sa area where the momming was centered. initially the feel you could see, it didn't look so much like panic as disbelief. people really were just in some kind of amazement that this really could not be happening. that was my initial reaction living in lo living in lower manhattan on september 11. >> how could this possibly be happening in my hometown, my city. how dare they.
4:06 pm
>> and oslo is traditionally a very safe, a very calm, a very civilized city. you don't right away assume it's going to be the target of this kind of an attack or whatever we had happen today. >> let me take you back to what happened right now. are you still in your hotel room? >> yeah, i've been down stairs and i'm back up right now. i'm on the 28th floor looking down into the site. i don't actually have a ground-level perspective. >> but you can see the city. >> i see the buildings that were immediately impacted. and surprisingly, most of the lights are on in that 16-story government min strif building. -- ministry building. i don't see any signs of motion in the building, but if you didn't know any better, especially now that twilight is coming on, you might just think it was a normal evening in that building. when there was more light, you could tell there was almost no
4:07 pm
intact windows, there was debris hanging out of thele building. and the top of the building looks like it's warped. the top floor, all the windows are gone. i'm looking at the backside from the blast and i can see structural damage from where i am. >> from our understanding, despite the mangled mess you're looking at, a number of people are still in there and still stuck, but they have evacuated that city center, so that probably speaks to some of the calm and perhaps by now a couple of hours later, the smoke has dissipated. final question, you know, you're in this hotel, feeling this rumbling 28 stories up. what's your sense from people in the hotel. is there a sense of panic in the hotel? what's the conversation like? there? >> not a sense of panic. it's really -- we don't feel that we're in immediate danger, certainly that possibility exists. there's maybe a sense of vulnerability. and i see the same processes that i went through going through september 11 and living
4:08 pm
in lower manhattan where now it's -- things are calm. they're eerily quiet outside. there's no traffic. they're diverting traffic away, no people really. so people might be wary. i don't sense panic. i don't think there's a sense that somebody's got cross hairs on our back as we walk about on the street. but certainly there's a warin s wariness. >> i appreciate you coming in. stay safe. reach out to your family. i'm sure they want to know you're safe as well. >> my heart is out to the victim. >> mine as well. we have two separate incidents hooer. police are saying most definitely there are connected. you have these bomb blasts happening in the city center right around the 4:00 afternoon hour norway time. and then some hours and i'm not
4:09 pm
sure as far as the sometime line, you also have this shooting at a youth camp on this nearby island. i want to go to astrid rand, an nrk reporter from oslo, from norway on the line from me. and astrid, just bring me up to speed. i know we are learning here, nine to ten people killed in that attack at this youth camp. is that the number that you have? >> i've been speaking to the youth who came off this island. there are report is there's more casualties. the situation is very chaotic and the police haven't yet confirmed any numbers. but the eyewitnesses i've been speaking to tell me it's more, 20, 30 people have been killed they are telling me. but it's not confirmed by the
4:10 pm
police. >> my god. according to police, from our information, this individual was disguised -- or i shouldn't say disguised. he was wearing a police uniform. and he's the one who open fired. this individual is now in custody and is being questioned. can you describe this individual to me? >> what i've been hearing, i'm at a small village close to the island where all the youth now are gathered. i've been hearing what they have been telling me and they have been telling me that it was this man dressed new a police outfit who told the youth that he was going to inform them about the attack in oslo that happened in oslo. and all the youth were gathered in this hall at this small island when the shooting started. of course, there was chaos and
4:11 pm
panic and nay ran out of this hall and out. and some of the youth tried to swim off the island and off the shore. one of the boys i was talking to, a 19-year-old boy told me he was swimming out at the water, the gunman was pointing his gun at him. he could feel the shots right next to his ear, but he managed to swim away and the gunman turned around. so it's a very dramatic situation. it's a lot of ambulances here. police cars everywhere. and we've been seeing that youth, young people at this camp -- >> how long, what are their ages? >> children. down to 14 years old. were at the youth camp for the labor party. >> there are reportses a trid that there a
4:12 pm
-- reports astrid that there are bodies floating in the water off the shores of this island. is that what you're hearing? >> i've been hearing that as well. i have seen the island from about 400 meters. i haven't seen bodies floating in the water myself. the police are looking for bodies in the water. many of the youth as i said ran off the island and started to swim. but the water was very cold. we haven't found reports from the police. but we know many youth were shot at the beach. there were nine people at the beach that couldn't move. >> astrid, was it jooust youth? i'm hearing perhaps the prime minister was to be at this camp tomorrow. is that correct?
4:13 pm
>> yes the prime minister comes here every year. and today, the former prime minister of norway was speaking to the youth, but she left before the shooting started. the plan was that young people, the prime minister from norway from the labor party should be coming here tomorrow. but than won't be happening. the youth are gathered here at the hotel close by. they were taik taken care of by the red cross band by medicaid. they're giving them blankets. i can see them through the window here. they're gathered together and i can hear some of them shouting. and there's tears and there's despair and it's a terrible situation.
4:14 pm
>> it is, if you're saying 20, possibly 30 people killed. bodies floating in the water. young people wanting to escape the wrath of this gunman and trying to swim in the frigid, frigid water off of norway. i do want to ask you, astrid, back to this gunman, the individual in custody. according to cnn reporting, he's being questioned right now. tall with blond hair, caucasian, described as having a nordic appearance. do you know how police caught him? how they took him down. >> no, i actually don't know anything about how the police managed to get him. i know the special forces were here quick quickly. and there was also a helicopter here quite quickly but i don't know anything about the arrest. it didn't happen on the side
4:15 pm
where i was from where have i stand. >> also according to our reporting, this individual was spotted in and around the same area of oslo where the bomb went off. if you can, just help me because i'm not familiar with the lay of the land, how does one get from oslo to this island? and how long does that take? >> it's about 45 minutes drive. this island is about 45 minutes drive from oslo out in the country side. so it wouldn't have taken him more than that to get out here. but there's a small boat to get into the island. and according to witnesses, the policeman was telling the security people, i suppose who is checking who you are and why you are going to the camp that he was a policeman coming to
4:16 pm
inform the youth about attacking oslo. so they were informed that he was -- and he was also showing some kind of id they have been saying. but again, this is not confirmed information. >> okay, astrid rand, i appreciate you unjumping on the form. nrk correspondent from oslo. thank you very much. this is very much so a doping story. we're getting more numbers. it's been reported nine to ten at least confirmed, as that correspondent was telling me, possibly 20 to 30 children at this youth camp killed as this gunman who's now in custody simply open fired. much more on this story. be right back.
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>> breaking coverage on the terror attacks in norway. many injured, many, many others trapped in this burning and mangled billings in oslo. also right along this story, about a 45-minute drive from there is an island. on that island, there were luns of youth. and according to my last guest, a correspondent from oslo, she was reporting according to witnesses 20, possibly 30 young people were shot by this gunman who is now in custody. describe as in orderic, caucasian, in orderic appearance. joining me now is tim lister. let's begin with that new information. the fact that this individual's appearance, this same individual
4:20 pm
was spotted also in oslo. what do you make of the fact that he looked nordic? >> in the first few hours after any such event, there's so much information or misinformation flying about that maybe i don't want to draw any conclusions. maybe it was good disguise. who knows. but the pattern of european jihadism over the past five or six years is that people in germany or sweden who are natives who go back generations have become involved in terrorism. you saw it even in the united states with a young man who went across to afghanistan. he had no muslim background whatsoever, but he went to wage jihad. it's not unknown for europeans to become enamored of this international jihadist project. >> let me just ask a really simple question. why norway? why norway? and why can't we conclusively say yes, this is al qaeda or yes, these are international terrorists. >> we can't see inconclusively
4:21 pm
that it's al qaeda. it's so soon. there's one somewhat plausibility group to have responsibility that comes from a group in iraq that was connected to the stockholm suicide bomber in in 2010. it's plausible without being plausible. he posted a photograph of a young man literally hours after the stockholm attack before anyone in the world knew who carried that attack out. so he did know. so that's a plausible claim. why norway? 5 million people, norwegian newspapers have repeatedly published the mohammed cartoons. there was a plot last year that was wrapped up in norway where at least one of the defendants has admitted they were going to go after one of the norwegian newspapers. there's a norwegian newspaper
4:22 pm
chain whose head offices are right next to the prime minister offices in thf part in oslo. so the cartoon business. people think oh, it's years ago now, it still goes on. people are still exercised about it. >> and wasn't that adjacent to some of these buildings in oslo? >> yes. that's another possibility. plus, the number one in al qaeda now, zawahiri has said norway will pay for its part in afghanistan. >> in london, then before that, madrid. so it's been quite a while. >> which shows that this is a sophisticated attack. that this needed planning. >> why? >> this amount of explosives, you don't just pick that up. >> yeah. >> you have to be very careful. a lot of explosives are very tightly monitored now. you can't buy off the shelf the
4:23 pm
explosives that caused this kind of damage. they knew the norwegian labor party leadership would be in attendance on this island. this needed a lot of planning. so it would suggest that this isn't a lone wolf that could carry this out. it was a cell. there are people who have come from different ethnic origins and gathered together, whether they're uzbecs or iraqis, or coming all over together. >> you're so right, though, in the hours after anything like this, there's a lot of misinformation and we can't jump to any conclusions. >> we can't. what we do know is norwegian security services at the beginning of this year said they were more worried than they've ever been before about the possibility of something like this .haing. >> and here it is. tim lister, thank you. now this.
4:24 pm
>> okay, what's going on here. >> what's going on here is that cnn takes you inside a world where humans live in cages and dangerous animals run wild. amber lyon and her crew had some skrar moments. coming up, we'll see what happened when one monkey attacked. coming up next, though. the deadline to come up with a deal on the debt ceiling is just 11 short days away. what about the divisions between the white house and the democrats. i'll speak with one democrat on capitol hill. chris van holland is standing by. the monkey eats custard. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor. so, you've been double crossed by other travel sites and now you want to try the real deal. yes, is it true that name your own price... even easier? affirmative. we'll show you other people's winning hotel bids. so i'll know how much to bid... ...and save up to 60% i'm in i know the lady in leather travels on three wheels. wait, is that code? that's my secret weapon... ...naomi pryce see winning hotel bids now at priceline.
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>> 11 days and counting until a possible default from the u.s. treasury. as we told you before, president obama is pointing out that the bills coming due are money congress has spent already. so joining me now from political, representative chris van holland, democrat from maryland. congressman, good to have you on. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about your side. harry reed planned a weekend session to work on the issues so they don't have to go to work. we also got word that your house democrats cancelled a news conference. has your side been told hey, turn the volume down. let the president and speaker boehner continue to talk in private. and would you expect them to reach an agreement possibly as early as this weekend? >> brooke, i don't think anyone has been told to turn the volume down, but it makes sense to spend this weekend allowing those conversations to continue. as you know, the president has had different groups of congressional leaders down in
4:28 pm
the white house. everyone is working overtime to try to put cork a deal. but it's not a deal yet. not by a long shot. everyone will be working overtime this weekend to try and wrap it up. >> so working overtime this weekend, but we might have a deal by the end of the weekend, sir? >> well, that would be the hope. but again, there's still a whole lot of woos hands. these aren't necessarily small high tems. they're big issues. the bomb line the president laid out today was america plays their bills. american families can't decide not to pay the mortgage or the car payment and the united states should not state -- uh yo know, we're not going to pay our bills because that would have a terrible economic consequences in addition to setting the wrong example. and so we've got to get this done. >> let me ask you about your party. what was all the shouting about.
4:29 pm
>> what happened was there was these news wire reports that the white house was about to enter into a deal that was unbalanced. there was only going cuts, not the balanced approach the president has laid out. he's knead it very clear that any deal will involve cuts but will also require asking folks at the very top to share in responsibility for reducing the debt. and so when these wire reports suggested that it was going to be a totally one-sided approach, not a balanced approach. i think temperatures rose. but there's a lot of rumors flying around the capital, as you might imagine. most of them are just that, they're rumors. there's no agreement yet. people are working hard to get it done. >> are congressional democrats demanding that the president pursue an up front tax on the top wage earnarners?
4:30 pm
and are you afraid the white house will only tax the wealthy down the road if certain debt reduction targets are not met? >> well, we've said the same thing that the president has said, which is that any balanced approach has to require a revenue component. and it has to be real. it has to be guaranteed. in other words, when you vote on the package that includes cuts, you have to know that the time that the revenue component will kick in. whether it kicks in today or tomorrow or some other time. >> does it bother you if it kicked in some other time if it was simply a trigger mechanism? >> well, the issue, if there was 100% guarantee that revenue would be part of it, that's okay. but put it this way -- the spending component should be dealt with in a similar manner as the revenue component. there should be symmetry there. but the big issue is when you take that first vote, you have to have 100% ironclad assurances
4:31 pm
that the final product will be balanced. it can't just be we'll do the cuts now and have a wink and a nod hand shake. it has to all fit together. it has to be real balance. but when the president came out and said it's only going to be, that got a lot of people upset. when you have such intense feeling, a couple of rumors flying through here can light a spark. >> it happens, but we know not to listen to those rumors, don't we, sir. are you committed to selling your members on any deal here? i know you talk about symmetry, but any deal the president might make with speaker boehner? >> well, no. every member reserves the right
4:32 pm
to vote yes or no. and certain ly members of the house aren't going to blindly follow any deal made by members of the white house. that's why it's very important that when they take on those neerkss with the house republican, if they're going to be reliant on house democrats, they need to make over the deal will win over whatever support they need. it's important the white house not miscalculate in that state. the president has been consistent at saying they need a balanced approach. he was very clear today saying h ewould not agree to a deal that he did not have that kind of balanced and shared responsibility. >> he said pay the bill, pay the tab. thank you so much. >> and have you heard about this story, thistriplets.
4:33 pm
they're 5 years of age. they' she's been missing for seven weeks. she went to her husband's house to pick up their son on june 1. that's the last time anyone saw her. her car was found later near the interstate with a flat tire. earlier on that day, she met with her husband to finalize divorce papers. her family has been searching for her and has custody of their three kids. her father accuses her estranged husband of killing her, saying this, quote, i know the threats that he's made against her and i know the diaries outlining threats. he did it. there's no doubt in my mind. but he says h he's innocent and now everyone is out to get him. let's listen to what he's saying.
4:34 pm
>> i can't change how people feel. i mean, there's a lot of emotions running high right now. just i just don't know what to say yet. i'm not sure to be honest with you. >> he sounds soft spoken, head down. what does that sound like to you? do you believe him? >> i think there's definitely two sides to every story. he's proclaiming his innocence. he's saying i hope she's found okay. i'm praying for her family and her parents. i just really hope she's found and there's a peaceful resolution to all of this. but i've spoken with lieutenant barnes twice today, once within the last five minutes, brooke, and what he tells me is that he's a person of interest in this case. he's not been charged with any crime. he's not considered an official
4:35 pm
suspect, but he's someone they're zeroing in on at this time. i also spoke with the cue center. hundreds of folks will come out and search land, water, by air to be able to find this missing mother. >> as you mention, he's not an official suspect, though he is an official suspect. he took off, came home two hours later, found her car gone. what do you make of his story. why would she according to him sort of walk away. and do we even know where he was in those two hours? >> we don't know. i think that's something authorities are looking into right now. sort of closing in that time line, figuring out exactly the moments where she was last seen. he was the last person to have seen her alive. at this point, we're still moving forward and hopefully
4:36 pm
she's alive and okay. but unfortunately this case reminds me so much of the sta s peterson case, the susan powell case. those are all four active investigations of sort of the same tale, you know, we're moving forward with these missing moms gone. their cases have sort of faded from the spotlight. i hope that isn't the case with this one. there's also another missing mom right now out of north carolina. so investigators, i spoke with them today. they're still trying to piece that particular case. she's just a beautiful mom. >> she's a beautiful mom of three kids. >> they really just need something. folks, if you have any information, just pick up the phone, give investigators a call. they need anything at this point. i mean, we also have to take into consideration that mr. waller was a former police officer. i spoke with a lieutenant there. he was at the saxton police
4:37 pm
officer first, then switched, left around 10 months, got into some construction work. so he's familiar with police investigations and, you know, sort of handling these types of things. >> i appreciate you making those phone calls and coming on. as you mentioned, so many missing mothers right now. we'll stay on this one for sure. >> you got it, brooke. have a good day. >> coming up next, more news on our breaking story out of norway. we're just now getting word that boats right now are searching for bodies here in the water. we're looking for bodies and freezing the pictures for obvious reasons. this is the water that's surrounding this island where that youth camp had been happening where that gunman open fired. one journalist says dozens of people, dozens of children could be dead. back in a moment.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> welcome back. more on our breaking news. now the situation increasingly dire as we're learning more details on this nearby island. where many, many youth were at
4:41 pm
this youth camp. i spoke with a correspondent out of oslo norway to said 20, possibly 30 young people have been killed after this gunman open fired. thank you for stopping by here. let's begin with that situation. what more are we wlerning about these young people. it's not only a youth camp, but we know that senior officials and the prime minister were to be here tomorrow. >> right. it's a camp ruled by the senior labor party. he was expected tomorrow. as if it weren't enough for norway to deal with after that explosion that killed at least seven people and left parts of downtown oslo looking like a war zone, soon after we heard. tragically, bodies seen floating
4:42 pm
in the water. the latest official count is ten dead. we're talking about the h youth here. they're all minors, all young kids who went on this retreat, this political retreat on an island and sending boats to possibly look for more bodies. >> several votes have arrived on the scene here. tragically, bodies floating in the watter. the reason they're potentially floating in the water, is once this gunman open fired on these young people,hopped in the water which is freezing, freezing cold, to try to get away. >> they're an island, trapped, corn cornered. a suspect, by the way, is in custody and police are hoping he is indeed the gunman. but there are various reports.
4:43 pm
it's chaotic when this type of event unfolds. and this is a fast developing, breaking news story. and the question is, who is this person? is this person linked to the bomb attack in oz boy. police say they believe the two events are connected, but some people are saying they spotted the same person -- >> in oslo before. >> -- in oslo before this rampage took place. it's early days, of course, brook. the question now is who is responsible? jihad digroups have already started taking responsibility. but are they taking responsibility for something they didn't do? is this domestic terrorism? is this something completely different. these are all questions that are going to have to be answered. but norway, a safe country, oslo, a safe city. everything is rattled now for norwegian ps. this is a day of tragedy for them. this is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives when norway was truly under attack. >> let's go back and if we can,
4:44 pm
show the images of it looks like a war zone in the capital city of oslo. several different buildings, just torn apart to bits. in terms of the sophistication of this bomb, we're labelling it a terror attack, according to people and intelligence community folks we've been talking to, it's highly sophisticated. no one specifically taking responsibility, although there has been chatter. but thus far, norway is a pretty beautiful scandinavian nation right there on the water. one point made earlier, in addition to one of these buildings that housed the prime minister who wasn't there today and parliamentary buildings is the headquarters of the newspaper, the norwegian newspaper that reprinted the dpanish newspaper that printed initially that cartoon of profit mohammed which, as we know, outraged the muslim community. >> that was the norwegian newspaper that reprinted the cartoon of the prophet mohammed
4:45 pm
that was originally printed in a danish newspaper. everybody is trying to sort of find answers amid the i can i don't say here. and this is amateur footage from one oof our viewers we spoke to just a few hours ago. but if you see the actual building itself, the actual damage to the building the prime minister's office building, it truly gives you a sense of the power of the explosives. we don't know if it was a car bomb. there you have it. this looks like something you would see in baghdad and something you would see in beirut during the civil war. this is what an extremely powerful bomb does to a city block. and brooke, there were prorts that the wreckage of a car was found outside of the prime minist minister's office. but if the bomb was in a car, there wouldn't be a wreckage of a car to look at. the question still is where was the bomb placed? this is still very much an open question. because if it obliterates half a
4:46 pm
city block, the car is gone. so if you see the wreckage of a car -- it could be very difficult to imagine it's that particular car. >> seven dead reported, confirmed deaths there in oslo. 10 at the youth camp. the story is unfolding. stay with cnn. >> it's really an unbelievably shocking story coming out of norway today. europe, main european target has been attacked today. and everybody is really hoping to get more details on who's responsible for it. >> spoke with someone who lives there and said he never feared terrorism until today. thank you. now take a look at this. >> okay, what's going on here. >> i'm getting out of here. >> cnn takes you inside the secret world of exotic animal trafficking, including a rescue sanctuary are humans are the
4:47 pm
ones living in cages and the animals are out running loose. one of our producers was attacked. it got bloody. amber lyon is going to join me live to talk about this experience. don't miss this. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows.
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you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
4:49 pm
>> okay, now to an unbelievable world when dangerous animals run loose. this is all part of this upcoming cnn special. have you heard about this? amber lyon went deep into the rain forest in costa rica to investigate. she's going to join me live here in studio. but first, let's watch her piece.
4:50 pm
>>ed a don breaks over costa rica, a small town on the west coast, you can hear the eerie sound of a passing troupe of howler monkeys. an ma traffickers take anything from macaws to monkeys. they often become victims of abuse and neglect. caged, chained, tranquilized or sometimes beaten into submission. >> i'm a certified jungle woman. >> those lucky enough to be rescued are given to carol cruz. >> you've got bite marks all over you. >> these are the badges of courage i wear. >> do visitors ever get chomped on by monkeys?
4:51 pm
>> on occasion, if they don't do what i say to do. >> come on, cruz runs this wild life rescue center that boreds a national wildlife park. what makes her center unique, it's the only one i've ever seen where the people live in cages and animals roam free. but freedom means my crew and i are at the mercy of the monkeys. >> these are very aggressive monkeys. they're constantly moving around. which sf one of the reasons they shouldn't be kept as pets. okay, what's going on here. >> i'm getting out of here. >> the last guy that came through here, had to get 13 stitches. they call ate sanctuary tattoo. >> amber joining me now. you said it in the piece, this is a reverse zoo. >> yes. >> this is actually the rescue
4:52 pm
sanctuary, one of the only ones in the world where humans are in the cages. >> and they do it on purpose because the lady who founded it said her ultimate goal is to release these animals back into the wild because they' been trafficked and she wants them to live a normal life again. she says if she acclimates an intelligent animal like a monkey to a cage, it's going to be hard for the monkey to leave and fepd b for itself. so we had to run sometimes from cage to cage. sometimes we'll be standing there eating lunch and the monkeys would be on the outside of the cage watching us. normally you go to a zoo, you're watching the animals eat. they were watching us. it was quite an interesting philosophy. >> i've been in costa rica, and they'll grab your sun glasses straight off your head. we saw a piece of you where you almost got attacked by a monkey. your producer steve? >> he definitely took one for the team. >> a spider monkey just had a grudge against men because she had been abused. >> had a grudge against men?
4:53 pm
>> yeah. she came and sat on his shoulder and it looks like she was friends with him. next thing you know, he turned around and walked away and got scar scared. that's why she runs this rescue facility. no monkey makes a good pet. we really learned how a tame monkey can instantly snap like that and attack. steve is okay now. i will say he didn't get rabbies, any kind of weird diseases. he's doing fine. but it was quite shocking for us. >> let's tell everyone where we can all watch this. sunday night, it's an all new cnn presents, including your story here. and a closer look also at bull bullying and the hunt for a possible serial killer on long island. amber lyon, thank you very much. and "the situation room" coming up in a matter of minutes. wolf, the details out of norway,
4:54 pm
particularly at that youth camp just keep come coming out. i don't think tragic can really sum it up. >> yeah, it's heart breaking and we're getting more information even as we speak right now. we're going to be covering the breaking news out of norway. this attack, i think it's fair to say this is obviously a terror attack. we don't know who's responsible. some groups claiming responsibility, norwegian authorities are checking all of these games, there's obviously reaction here in washington as well. we'll follow the breaking news over the course of the next two hours. we're also watching what's developing as far as the debt ceiling crisis is concerned. as you know, brooke, that clock is ticking and the stakes for all of us right now enormous. so we've got two breaking news stories we're watching very, very closely. >> all right, we'll see you in a matter of five minutes. thank you so much. and before we go, we have much more on the breaking story out of norway. as wolf mentioned, there's been reaction out of washington. we've heard from the president, we're also hearing a reaction from the state department. we'll get a live update from
4:55 pm
from ou on that. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical...
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>> want to take you back to breaking news in norway. two deadly terror attacks. in one, at least seven people are confirmed dead in this deadly bombing in the capital of norway, oslo. at least nine are dead at this nearby island. foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is live at the
4:58 pm
state department. the state department condemning these acts of violence. what more are they saying? >> owhen anything like this happens the responsibility for the state department is the american citizens, their security and safety abroad. the good news, at least you could say, for americans is that there are no indications that any americans were killed or injured in those attacks. also the embassy in oslo has been issues an emergency message to americans, telling them avoid the downtown oslo area. stay tuned to the local media for any updates on the situation. also remain vigilant and aware of your sour roundings. they did condemn it. they're calling it a despicable act of violence and also offering condolences and any type of assistance from the government of norway. so far, no indication the government has taken them up on that. there is a u.s. counterterrorism
4:59 pm
official who told cnn that there really was no indication, nothing that officials are h were led to believe was going to happen specifically in norway. and the indications from one official, also a u.s. official, are that this does not have the hallmarks of a big, sophisticated attack, but that it is very early to say who did it or for what reason. >> he's saying -- just to clarify, he says this does not have the makings of a big sophisticated plot? >> correct. >> huh. >> but obviously it was a bad attack. but a big, sophisticated attack is how this official is putting it. and they also said it could be international, or it could be domestic norwegian. again, very early to make that assumption or that conclusion. >> right. early hours, a lot of information still to come out. i appreciate it. . let's continue this breaking news coverage with my coea
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